Biosuperfood F2 multiples (5 or more)

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The Biosuperfood (BSF) Formula 2 and Formula 3 offer powerful body detoxing and cleansing capability. If you're engaged in physically intense activities (strength training, cardiovascular training) or heavy metabolic processes (high-protein dieting, chemotherapy, exposure to toxins), you'll find the chlorophyll of Bio-Algae Concentrates to offer tremendous support. This chlorophyll cleanses the liver, kidneys and blood of toxins and metabolic impurities (such as excess uric acid). When the liver and kidneys are working more smoothly, everything improves in the body. This cleansing effect is especially important for people who follow any sort of low-carb diet (Atkins diet, South Beach diet, etc.) since such diets are well known to place a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys. (Eliminating excess ketones from the blood and body takes work.) I think refined carbohydrates have no place in the diet of healthy human beings. As a protection for those who follow these diets I recommend to take plenty of Bio-Algae Concentrates to make sure their system gets the support it needs.

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