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Proteolytic Enzymes

Proteolytic Enzymes

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Proteolytic Enzymes, 180 capsules (2-month supply)

This product is plant/mineral based and CAN BE USED WITH PROTOCEL.

For best results with Protocel TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Researchers are still trying to establish how "non-contributing" cells which are created daily often fall under the "radar screen" of the immune system and are not removed the same day. At this point, they can only offer a theory of how this happens. They believe non-contributing cells try to hide their identity from the immune system by producing protein fibrins to thicken the walls of the cell, so they won't be identified then removed. Fibrins are a composite of six protein chains, containing twin pairs of three different proteins. Electron microscopy has shown that fibrins are rod-shaped molecules, with two round "bumps" on each end of the rod and a single round "bump" in the middle. Fibrins resemble a set of barbells with an extra set of weights in the middle of the bar. Pro Enzymes have been formulated with three enzymes to dissolve the proteins in the fibrin rods. When these proteins are dissolved out of the wall of the cell, it makes it easier for the non-contributing cells to be properly identified and removed.

Serving Size 3 Capsules, Contains: Protease 1,000,000 HUT, Papain 40,000 FCC, Bromelain 2,000 GDU