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Dietary Analysis

The dietary analysis is a great tool to see those areas of nutrition that may be missing in someone’s diet and the foods that may be causing problems. Nutrients are the building blocks of health and this allows us to see if you are building a healthy body from great building materials that will stand up to stress, exposure to harmful invaders and daily wear and tear. Or maybe you are building a body from inferior products that is going to crumble over periods of stress, toxins and exposure to various harmful invaders such as parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus's.What you eat is incredibly important in your bodies ability to function in a very healthy manner.  

We provide comprehensive dietary analysis by analyzing your daily food intake through special dietary management software. 

You will be required to input your daily food and drink consumption into our on-line food journal over a 3 to 4 day period.  At the end of the food journaling period we will provide an analysis of your nutrient intake based on your diet during that period. This analysis shows areas in your diet that are potential problems based on the amount of nutrients being consumed. If you have health issues the missing nutrients or in some cases excess nutrients may be a part of the cause.

For example, Joan has had ulcerative colitis for several years. Medical interventions have not worked. A simple dietary analysis alerted us to the nutrients she was missing. Joan was missing necessary nutrients all critical for digestive health. Additionally Joan was eating foods that were aggravating her condition. Based on our report and recommendations Joan modified her lifestyle and is free of her symptoms.

Joe has high blood sugar but can’t seem to manage it. Through the analysis we see Joe is consuming too much of certain food types, not exercising and eating on an erratic schedule. Based on our report and recommendations Joe changed his lifestyle and no longer needs medication for his diabetes.

We could site many different examples. The stories above are real, the names have been changed to protect our clients privacy. The results are somewhat typical. Everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to different nutritional approaches. Sometimes it takes a couple of adjustments to get lifestyle and diet a right fit for our clients. Regardless we continue to work with our clients insuring we get the best results possible. Obviously we can’t guarantee success.

A healthy lifestyle also includes adequate exercise, a reduction of emotional toxicity, a reduction or elimination of environmental toxins and stress management.

Order  $85.00  when ordered we will send you instructions for using the system