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Your Path to Wellness

Enjoy Life Through a Healthy Body! 


Our overall health is a product of balance from all facets of our individual and family life. To promote health, we must include a diet of primarily living foods, adequate physical activity, emotional well being, spiritual health, family and societal involvement and relaxation. The inclusion of pure water, clean air, adequate sunshine and the avoidance or elimination of emotional and environmental toxins reduces stress on our bodies and provides health promoting opportunities. 

When balanced we give ourselves the best opportunity to avoid serious illness. Even if we have genetic tendencies, our type of lifestyle can dramatically reduce and may even eliminate our risks. 

In reality, the onset of most major illnesses are preventable. There is little reason for Americans to suffer from the percentage of heart disease, diabetes or even cancers as documented. When we look at health figures from other countries, it is all too evident that our American diet and lifestyle is killing us prematurely. 

We believe that the body, when given the building blocks of health, can function at optimal levels providing an abundance of energy, strength and stamina, allowing a person to enjoy a life of longevity and quality.

We believe when we give the body the right foods and a health promoting lifestyle, the body has the potential to defend itself from harmful agents such as viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and major illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol and even some cancers.  In many cases a healthy lifestyle and modified diet can even reverse many illnesses. 

We believe the healthiest sources of nutrition for our bodies come from vegetative sources and a certain percentage should be raw. This does not mean you have to be a vegetarian it means you need to limit the consumption of animal food sources in order to promote health.  Obviously limiting or removing certain animal foods like red meat, pork and dairy from your diet will provide for the best overall health. Read more about this subject here Why Limit Animal Foods.

Does this mean we should never be sick? Healthy people are not always immune from sickness. However by living a lifestyle of wellness we give our bodies the best chance at optimal health and if we do get sick we have the best chance for a quicker recovery.  

In Summary, 

It is our belief that our bodies, when treated and fed properly can function at their peek level providing us with decades of high quality life while minimizing our risk of illness.  Reduce your stress, eat and drink from nature often, enjoy an active full life, get out doors, love much and share your talents and riches with others.