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Physical Activity

Exercise provides many benefits for the body. It moves our lymph system pumping toxins and waste out of our bodies while also moving certain nutrients to cells that need them. Our body is an adapter. Exercise forces the body to adapt to the stress of the exercise by improving the body's ability to provide more oxygen and nutrients to each cell so it can meet your physical demands. As you continue to exercise the body will actually build more mitochondria in each cell (cellular power plants) so your energy output can be even higher as your body needs it.

Exercise helps lower bad LDL cholesterol and raises good HDL cholesterol. It improves immune system function and cardiovascular health. It keeps joints and muscles healthy and flexible. It builds muscles which help keep our skeletal system strong and healthy. Extra muscle helps reduce weight by burning more calories thus reducing your bodies fat percentage.  Exercise helps stabilize blood sugar which aids in the prevention and management of diabetes by improving insulin resistance and boosting the metabolism. Exercise aids with the prevention of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Everyone should exercise a minimum of 60 minutes per day at least 5 days per week for vibrant health. It does not have to be all in one session. You could do three 20 minute walks. Or any variety, length of time and intensity you want, just do it!  Anytime you go longer than 20 minutes you are burning more fat than sugar as long as the exercise is an aerobic exercise. Interval training helps build a strong engine which is your heart and lungs.

Always check with you doctor before starting an exercise program to insure you are physically able to exercise safely. When beginning start out slowly and increase your exercise time and intensity gradually.  It may be wise to consult with a personal trainer to get you started in a correct and healthy way.

 These tools may help you understand how many calories you are burning when exercising.

Calories Burned 

Exercise does the body good!