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The Status of America's Health

Status of America's Health

The current health trends in this country show a decrease in health and wellness across a broad spectrum of health categories. 

We now have children under12 years old with high cholesterol, type II diabetes and hypertension. In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their policy to now recommend that children between the ages of 2 and 10 should be screened for high cholesterol if they or their family members are overweight or have experienced high lipid profiles. 

Young adults are developing degenerative disease earlier than ever. Adults in general have higher rates of heart and cardiovascular disease than most industrialized nations. Obesity is growing and diabetes is now reaching epidemic rates. 

This demands and calls for an urgent paradigm shift in our culture. We must become active in our lifestyle and involved in the process of managing dietary needs for ourselves and our families.  

It is our goal that families begin to understand the need for a shift to a healthy lifestyle so they and their children can enjoy a long healthy life.  To bring about the change we are working to educate and motivate individuals, families, churches and businesses on the consequences of the current health trends and the benefits of a shift to healthier lifestyle. 

Please join us in our efforts to change the landscape of America's health. Every journey begins with one step. Please take yours today and lets walk together on the journey to a healthy and vibrant life.