Weight Loss

These programs are for anyone wanting to move to a lifestyle of healthy living or desiring to lose weight.  The programs include the Life Balance program which is a 8 week course that consist of 1.5 hours one day per week for 8 weeks. Call for pricing

Weight gain is a symptom of other causes; it is most often lifestyle and dietary behavior that has likely caused the weight gain. We are creatures of habit. Habits are ingrained in every aspect of our lives and take time and a dedicated effort to change. Through behavior modification, nutrition, and dietary management training, exercise and activity education and personalized coaching we get you into a comfortable and enjoyable way of living designed for your specific needs that promotes not only weight loss but overall health as well. This is a 6 month program for those wanting to lose in excess of 60 lbs.

I have lived this life and know the challenges and struggles.Let me help you make permanent healthy lifestyle changes that will add years to your life.

The time to make that transition is NOW!

Weight & Wellness Programs Include  (3 month & 6 month)

9 to 15 consultations 

Lifestyle Nutrition Education

Learn how to never be hungry

Weekly e-mails and calls designed to motivate

1 call-in per week for advice  9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Learn the power foods you should eat daily

Optimal nutrition guidelines

Creating balance and fun in your diet

Identifying Hunger vs. Appetite

Make activity and exercise fun!

Think positive, think thinner, think healthier

How to eat healthy at parties and the holidays

Healthy eating recipes each week. 

Personalized dietary management plans

Healthy Shopping Field Trip at a local grocery* (local participants)

In home healthy cooking session* (local participants)

In home healthy kitchen evaluation* (local participants)

* Not included in the 3 month program