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Western Versus Natural Health Care

What is Western or Allopathic Medicine

Let me state that there is a role for both western or allopathic medicine and other alternative methods of health care, many times it is the use of both that provide the best overall results.

There is no question, if you suffer a serious trauma or an acute onset of a serious disease or illness such as an guillain barre syndrome, automobile accident, heart attack, stroke or are born with a congenital defect, there is no place you would rather be taken care of than in America. American doctors are trained to treat acute serious illness and physical and emotional trauma better than any other medicine in the world and perform exceptionally well in this type of environment. However when it applies to the prevention or treatment of chronic disease or illness, western medicine falls way short according to recent reports from major health organizations.This is not for lack of desire it is the way Americas medical system works.

Other than acute disease and illness or physical and emotional trauma, Western health care is characterized as disease or illness management. Doctors use pharmacological interventions to control the symptoms of lifestyle and nutritional related disease or illness. Seldom is the root cause of an illness sought out so as to provide a solution to the problem. In some cases there is no root cause to be resolved.  For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are managed by prescribing drugs to reduce or eliminate symptoms. All prescription drugs have adverse side effects.  Seldom is the root cause of the problem sought so that drug intervention and adverse side effects could be eliminated. In each of these three illnesses diet and lifestyle play a huge role in reducing the symptoms and in many cases totally eliminating the illness. There is a new movement in America. Some American doctors are moving their practice models to an Integrative Medicine model that incorporates Holistic or Naturopathic health care along with Allopathic medicine. 

What is Natural or Holistic? 

Natural or Holistic means whole as in whole body. So as Natural or Holistic Nutritionist we look to build health to the whole body through diet,exercise, stress management and an elimination of toxic foods and toxic substances(excito-toxins).  This approach provides the whole body with the building blocks of health allowing the immune system and other body systems the best opportunity to function at optimal levels. Natural or Holistic nutrition looks at the total person, their dietary intake including supplements and lifestyle. Nutritionists believe food is our most important health influence, and should be addressed first in the health restoration process.

Natural or Holistic nutritionists' are nationally certified and regularly interface with health care practitioners aiding in addressing chronic health challenges that respond to changes in food choices, allergens, supplements, deficiencies and imbalances.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability. Naturopaths teach their clients to use diet, exercise,lifestyle changes and cutting edge nutritional therapies to enhance their bodies’ ability to ward off and combat illness.