Biopreparation F3+ (Animal)

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The BP Formula F3+ for animal has more nutraceutical strength and is used for advance nutritional health maintenance, anti-aging, immune system support, weight loss and nutritional support.Nutrients of the Algae BioSuperfood and BioPreparation unlike many supplements on the market are not a conglomeration of separate, isolated vitamins and minerals, or extracted and concentrated ingredients bound together and compressed with fillers in a pill. They are actually whole foods containing just four micro-algae carefully grown, harvested, preserved and proportioned: Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Plantentis, Dunaliella and Heomatoccoccus Pluvialis for its high astaxanthin content. Together these algae contain thousands of naturally occurring nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophylls, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes and lots more. So simple, YET read on to find out the extraordinary diversity of its nutrient.

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